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Based on an original car ride with Skeezix "Ladyfingers" Von Humphries.

I really like bloody stumps. I mean, sure, we all do. But for me I think it goes beyond that. There's just something about a bloody stump that really does it for me. I can't explain it. I just accept it.

 Bloody stumps are so cool, they've even made it into the lyrics of our society's finest music-makers.

Although I have not, as of yet, mentioned bloody stumps in any of my music, I plan to one day. I just need the perfect opportunity. I don't want to just go haphazardly putting references to bloody stumps into songs without the proper reverence that a good bloody stump deserves.

Allow me, then, to humbly present my list of bands who have made at least one mention of bloody stumps in their lyrics.

 The Evil Galactor's List of Bands That Mention Bloody Stumps

1: Gwar

2: The Offspring (Song: "Beheaded") Thanks to Mordraug for this one

3: The Forbidden Dimension (This according to Mr. Tisane, who claims to even know the band. How cool is that? Not as cool as knowing The G. Gordon Liddys, but hey. Mr. Tisane can even claim that now, because he emailed me. Which isn't as cool as buying a copy of the CD, but it'll do. For now.)

4: Cannibal Corpse (Song: "Rancid Amputation") Thanks to Amanda Gould and Don Smith for this one, and to Jason "No-Neck" Vincion for confirming it.

Honourable Mention: Pantera (Song: "Strength Beyond Strength") According to Misfit735 and The Neckless One, it mentions stumps, but doesn't actually specify stumps of the bloody variety.

If you know of any others, please email me.

So... I've been getting mail regarding stumps in literature.
Who would have thought that artists other than metal bands would care about such things? Not me.And so, I have prepared, just for you...

Literary Stumpification

Laura Wolven was kind enough to send me a haiku inspired by this page. Here it is:

These my bloody stumps
Would make me weak in the knees
If I still had knees

What can I say? I am deeply moved by this poem.
Laura, I am declaring you the Official Poet Laureate of Stumposlavia.

Paco wrote to me to let me know that in All Quiet on the Western Front there is a mention of "a bloody stump of mincemeat and bone". It seems he was unfortunate enough to have to do an essay on it. He didn't mention what mark he got.

NEW!!!David Cronenberg and Bloody Stumps!
(OK, that one is kind of obvious, but here we go...)
Tuxedo wrote to me to tell me that he found a mention of a Bloody Stump in the novelization of "Videodrome". (Which you should go and watch right now by the way.)
"Harlan raised his hand. Or rather he raised his arm. Therewas now no longer a hand on this particular wrist. The endof the arm came out a bloody stump. In place of the handwas a shank of bone with a round potato-masher charge of TNTon the end."

Miscellaneous Bloody Stump Info

Have you ever wondered what a Bloody Stump looks like?

A number of people have emailed me to suggest that I link to as a good source for further stumpification.
So there it is. But I warn you, it ain't pretty.

On a whim, I looked up I was happy to see that it existed, but it wasn't what I had hoped for. Oh well.

There's also a, which sucks 'cause that means I can't have it and it has dick all to do with bloody stumps.

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