The G. Gordon Liddys
The World's Greatest Punk/Ska/Metal/Country band.

Our 2001 CD, "Steak on a Kaiser".

Featuring the song "Chicken", as heard on The Dr. Demento Show.

Click the album cover to download a .zip file containing the entire album and some additional crap.

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Our 1997 CD, "Space Brains from Outer Space".

Click that mofo to download it and a bunch of pictures and the script an' shit, yo.

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Check out an old press release.

And an even older press release.

So far, the only members of the G. Gordon Liddys who have gotten off their asses to write something for this page are:
The illustrious Herbert R. Duffleworm.
The smelly The Evil Galactor.
And the man-without-an-adjective, Blubber McNeil.

Check out our hate and/or fan mail,Currently at a ratio of 4:7!
(Funny, we don't get hatemail now that we've started publishing it all on the web. Hmmm. Are people like that spineless mofos? You be the judge.)

And, for no reason at all, here is a picture of a chicken.