Here's what the critics have to say about Space Brains from Outer Space:

"Super originality points for this! It's like a book on tape but on CD. Political punk tunes that tell the story of Steve Nibbler and the Big-Handed Vikings from Outer Space. There's even a narrator and a paper version included so you can read along. I wish they used stuff like this in kiddiegarten! Maybe drawn out in spots but the wackiness makes up for it. Everyone's gotta have something like this in their collection."

"This is weird stuff. It is funky storytelling with a musical background. You probably haven't heard anything like this before. This is very creative stuff."

-Franco Ortega, Grub Records

"These guys took way too much acid during high school or they're Douglas Adams fanatics. Either way, the G. Gordon Liddys have come up with a CD that's... well, it's weird. Freaky weird. Not the music, that's actually pretty interesting and catchy. But this isn't a regular 15 song CD. It's a musical play, with narrated bits, which tells the story of small handed Steve who meets up with a batch of big handed Viking aliens and eventually becomes the Emporer of Earth. See what I mean about the bad acid? Good job we have a twisted sense of humor and took a lot of bad acid too cause we actually found this CD pretty hilarious. With song titles like "Those Crazy Space Vikings with the Big-Ass Hands and Really Wide Ties" and "Ritualistic Gradeschool Haircut Taunt and Rebuttal" (catchy instrumental), you can't help but be amused. And the songs are good! Industrial flavoured heviness, lots of effects, driving heavy guitars and a host of lyrical weirdness make the music sounds mighty fine. The G. Gordon Liddys should put out a CD of the songs on their own. I don't know how many people will get into this type of weirdass musical shit, but what the hell, we had fun listening to it and the music is heavy and good.

-Sal Colosimo, Raw-Indie-Rock

CD Verdict 9 out 10 This one is a real treasure and a must !!!.. from now on the G.Gordon Liddys is one of my favourite bands !!! It`s so much to write about this album but I won`t write anything except that this album is GREAT.. so go ahead and order your copy today..I swear you won`t regret!!! GFZ


Ok, it doesn't get any more home-made than this; photocopied booklet and a recordable CD-R disc (basically, you make your own short-run CDs). There's probably not too many of these. This is one major weird rock opera thing with a narrator, offensive lyrics, aliens, big words, mythological references, whatever. The sad thing is that it's kinda not bad if you leave it on while you're typing (for example). Mike has taken my oblique dismissal of his last group, Shadwell's Jacket (a metal opera in hindsight) and come back with something every college station should be playing. Ed Wood meets Zappa; this could be huge in Germany (Germans also dig 70c Canuck AOR rock). Hey, A for effort!

- Ralph

Mike Bryant (formerly of Shadwell's Jacket) swears this is not his new band. It's a project by a guy named Boy George Michael Jackson Browne (His real name) and some top rate talent like Miss Slovenski's grade three class choir from St. Holstien's private school for wayward girls.

This is the story of Steve Nibbler and the crazy space vikings with the big-ass hands and really wide ties. With your humble NArrator Dr. Colossal Wiz to guide you through if you're too lazy to read the liner notes.

If you're into concept albums that will make you laugh hysterically, the story alone is very funny but the song writing and ideas used here are amazing, anyone familiar with Shadwell's Jacket can expect an even weirder twist from this CD. An excellent mix of electronics and more conventional sound. Just what Mike is such a pro with or I mean that other guy, before the CD ends with a behind the scenes segment we get 13 minutes of guitar wanking, showing off some brilliant fretwork by this evil galactor. All freaks are encouraged to contact this guy 'cause he really thinks nobody cares!!

-Toad, Static 'Zine

"The scapegoating road is well traveled by the Buchanans and the Robert Novaks, the Rush Limbaughs and the G. Gordon Liddys. But those who have taken the
other fork in a populist journey -- progressives -- are very sparsely represented."

-Media Beat

Flo reviews The G Gordon Liddys' "Space Brains From Outer Space" and warns us against Creeping Celine Dionism

Time... dear friends.. Time is such a thief, is it not? It robs us of many things; our hair our teeth, our wits, our slender, sylph-like waistlines and our free-spirited optimism.
Worse, it robs us of our hip-ness.
Time was when you could laugh in the face of the unhip, secure in the knowledge that you were fully equipped with a veritable cornucopia of cutting edge, fab-and-groovy funky sounds. Haughtily you would sneer at those sad creatures whose record collections harboured the likes of Leonard Cohen and Mick Hucknall.

But as surely as overnight you lose the ability to dance on your 30th birthday, one day you wake up and find that time has rendered your musical taste distinctly un-credible. Suddenly, you find yourself embarrassed beyond endurance by the presence of Queen's "A Night At the Opera" in your collection. Overnight, it seems, you can no longer engender awe in your fellow music-lovers by the sheer number of Black Sabbath recordings you own. You wake up in a cold sweat at the thought of anyone discovering that you actually still listen to ELP!

Worse still - people start discussing bands you've never heard of, and looking at you pityingly when you attempt to display your up-to-the-minute knowledge of the current music scene by discussing Boy George's latest haircut. You bore people witless by telling them that Nirvana's "Nevermind" is just a collection of recycled Sabbaff riffs.

The final humiliation comes when you are invited by your music mailing list to enthuse about your favourite new releases of 1998, and you are forced to admit that the only CD you bought last year was a copy of "Celine Dion's Greatest Hits" *

At this point you know you are in big trouble.

You need.... ... The G Gordon Liddys' "Space Brains from Outer Space"

Yes - this is the vital antidote to this Creeping Celine Dionism of the Soul. Even as it slides into your CD drawer, you will feel a surge of credibility oozing back into your wasted body. *Now* you have something truly exotic to discuss with the hip-less wonders who have failed to discover this exciting event. Now the sneer can return to your face as you bandy about song titles such as "Ritualistic Gradeschool Haircut Taunt and Rebuttal"

So what's the sucker actually like then?

Damned if I know. Words fail me. (which, as anyone familiar with the extensive nature of Mudshark Towers will realise, is a highly uncommon occurance!) To say this recording is Weird like saying that Saddam Hussein isn't likely to win the "Humanitarian of the Year" award, and that Bill Gates is not exactly short of a bob or two. This is undeniably the product of a seriously deranged mind. This is genuine psychosis, trust me - I know! It is weird in a sort of weird, Zappa-eque fashion, but unlike dear old Frank, who could do weird till the cows come home but tended to misplace his sense of humour all too often, The Gordons save us from the tedium of self-conscious weirdery with a dollop of self-deprecating wit and downright stupidity. Hurrah!

It is - and I warn you now,this is not pretty - a concept album! The like of which I thought I would never live to see again! You can read a synposis of the plot

over at their website. (but finish reading this first!)

Suffice to say, it has put a gleam in the eye of Monty, who, ever since I gave him it for his Christmas present this year, has been twiddingly nervously with the volume knob, hoping I won't notice it going up to eleven, and has been dusting down his air-guitar solo. The Young Mudsharks have been skipping around The Towers singing of Space Vikings and getting their ears clipped for repeating some of the expressions. Even the cats have been doing funky little dances in their litter tray.

So, we at Mudshark Towers have no hesitation in awarding The G Gordon Liddys a mighty Five Fins for their Space Brains and proclaiming them to be our New Best Friends. We think that everyone should have a copy handy, in case of a sudden attack of un-cool-ness. Here are some very good reasons for buying "Space Brains from Outer Space"

1.It is cheap
2.The Evil Galactor is a really nice chap and he has never, ever threatened to sue me. (unlike some people... sigh... it's a long story) and he says "whomever"
3.It will leave one space less in your CD rack that you might be tempted to fill with something by Celine Dion
4.It is a nice shade of blue
5.I will be cross with you if you don't

Don't take my word for it though. Skate on over to the Gordons' Web Page and leave a little deposit. Tell 'em Flo sent you. Remember to click your mousie-back-button to return to Mudshark Towers

Footnote* I didn't.

Buy Celine Dion's Greatest Hits, that is. I swear on the collected works of Steve Hillage that I do not own Celine Dion's Greatest Hits. Really! (I saw that film with the boat, though.) (You know, the big one. it sank) Although I know someone who was once in a lift with her...aaargh, quick, Monty, the Space Brains....

I don't listen to ELP either.

-Flo Mudshark Mudshark Towers

The G. Gordon Liddys
Space Brains From Outer Space

This here's a homemade concept album from the twisted minds Shadwell's Jacket. It's about space aliens with big hands and some guy named Steve thwarting the political aspirations of an invisible fake politician, complete with talentless rock stars and public transportation philosophers. Overly complex arrangements are all done to add to the Zappa-esque humor, and as the plot falls to pieces to segue way into an excuse for a "wanky guitar solo," your entertainment dollar is very well spent.

-Bryan Baker Gajoob Online

This is one of those CDs that are just so ludicrously out there that you have to give it a certain kind of grudging respect. I'm fascinated that the person who also put out the Nanochrist CD put this one out as well. Frankly, I found this one a hell of a lot more entertaining than Mr. Bryant's other work, but that might be far more a sign of my twisted nature than his. Simply put it's a bunch of incredibly weird SCAesque (ok ok, I just made that word up, but you know what I mean) pseudo-metal tracks, surrounded but some pretty funny stuff. This stuff is like a cross between The Meen Frmr (yes, it is spelled that way), and the rocky horror picture show as listened to by a very disillusioned, but highly intelligent, 14 year old who is into heavy music but is quite disgusted by his older brother's joining a white supremacist organization. If you can find it, it's probably in a bargain bin for not too much, you should buy it, and then get really chemically altered and then listen to it.

-Ryan Alexander Demorama

This is one of those things where you wonder, how can a band seriously release something. I'll give A LOT of credit for the originality. Still, I don't think anyone could seriously listen to this every day. It would be a fun live show and all, but I need something to listen to. Weird as crap punk with a little ska and a bunch of effects. This follows a story line so it's a punk opera. Thanks.

-Insert Clever Title Here

You can call this probally, if you want, orginal, nice or even funny, but I don't exactly enjoy it. Even just the opposite. I never handeld it to listen this rock opera (yes !) in one piece. After a few minutes, i have some strange felings in my stommack, and the dirty taste of gall in my trote. Maybe this is healty for bollemie patients, in this way tey don't have the use their fingers any more. I hav to admit, there are some parts that you can call orginal with a little bit of emagination. I can rather be more positive. At some parts they sound even like Frank Zappa on a bad day. It sounds to my meaning a little bit to far searched. I'm sorry, I has to be more objective but I can't. Here's some info of there bio; The hard-rocking G. Gordon Liddys were favourites of the '70s underground scene, touring incessantly with such bands as Freud's Mother, The Peter Mansbridge Experience, and JenkfiSh.
In 1980, the Liddy's swore they'd never work together again. Well, they lied. They have returned with their most ambitious work to date, a concept album entitled 'Space Brains From Outer Space' ; a story about a young man whose unconventional sexual practices lead him to greatness. All the orginal Liddys are here, with exeption of Stig 'cause he's dead. Stig has been replaced with former Anal Beard Barbers vocalist Boy George Michael Jackson Browne.
Probably for fans of the space-kitch-rock-opera genre, but not for me.


From the Blue Yak
It's hard to categorize the G. Gordon Liddys. Industrial...maybe. Metal...not really. Rock...perhaps, but too heavy. influence for sure, but not quite. If I had to place them in a genre, I guess it would be techno-punk. They use a lot of techno-type electronics and slap wacky rhythm and vocals into the middle of it all. Personally, I wasn't all too impressed with the music or the rampant foul language...sorry folks, I just ain't into that. But, on the other hand, the concept was incredibly original. Considering that they stopped playing in 1980 and only recently started back into their music, they have a surprisingly modern sound. They're not a band whose CD I would ever want to buy, but the Liddys are good in their own way; if nothing else, original.

Band-O-Rama Rating: 6


IF I ever meet Mike Bryant, the man behind The G. Gordon Liddys and two other bands, Shadwells Jacket and Nanochrist, my first question is going to be, "dude, when do have time to eat and sleep?" Space Brains From Outer Space is a concept album (stop rolling your eyes) or a rock opera; imagine "Tommy" on a heavier dose of acid than initially administered. A narrator sets the stage, introducing each musical segment in this tale of a guy named Steve and his encounter with aliens. There's a program to guide you through the story, pointing out key musical sequences like "Guitar Wank-Off #4" and "Ritualistic Grade School Haircut Taunt and Rebuttal". Vocals are by Boy George Michael Jackson Browne. This epic is a bit weird, a bit crude, and very clever.

-Face of the Assassin

See? It rocks! So buy one, why doncha?

You know you want to.

And besides, we're poor.