"Citizen Tubehand" is a combined effort between myself
and Timothy Carter.

It began with a story called "Johnny Tubehand", which I
wote and published in my first chapbook,
"You Should Have Killed Me When You Had the Chance".
It was a short story about a little boy who saves the world
from terrorists due to the fact that he has tubes where his
hands should be.

It was a huge international success, of course, and spawned
a sequel by Mr. Carter, which spawned another sequel from me
and so on for what seemed like a ridiculous time but was, in
fact, a total of five stories. The last one was a joint effort
between the two of us.

"Citizen Tubehand" also features a maze, a word jumble, deleted
scenes, and a bonus Johnny Tubehand story by Norm Cristofoli.

How cool is that?

Citizen Tubehand can be purchased online at